Too Many Pies has been officially launched!

Because everyone knows that Pi Day = Pie Day, I hosted a party on 3/14 to celebrate the publication of my new picture book. About fifty friends and family members were on hand for introductions to Great-Aunt Gladdie Goodpudding and the first reading of Too Many Pies. Kids enjoyed making pie crafts, everyone ate pie, and several lucky attendees went home with door-prize pies. I happily signed many copies of my book, always a deeply satisfying activity that represents the completion of the storytelling process. After the writing and editing, the illustration discussions and numerous other publishing details, the process comes full circle when the book is finally in the hands of readers. The making of books, especially picture books, is truly a collaborative endeavor, and a pleasurable one indeed.

I’m grateful that our event occurred before the coronavirus curtailed public gatherings. Thanks to all who helped to make the launch of Too Many Pies a success!

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