Meet the Goodpuddings

Every Sunday evening the Goodpudding family gathered for dinner around Great Aunt Gladdie’s table. Everyone agreed that Gladdie’s pie was the best part of the meal. But which kind of pie should Gladdie make? Apple? Blueberry? Cherry with a criss-cross crust? On that the Goodpuddings could never agree. So, every Sunday a fight broke out. A foot-stomping, table-thumping, shake-the-chandelier rhubarb! It was a tradition.

But the ruckus was getting out of hand. So many pies, so many Goodpuddings to please. When the pie police arrived, Gladdie knew she had to do something drastic to keep the Goodpudding peace.

So, what’s your favorite?

Do you have a pie-baking or pie-eating story?

A recipe to share?