Welcome to “Once upon a pie . . . “

Tie on an apron, and let’s start rolling!

Family dinners can be chaotic, especially when it comes time for dessert. With the Goodpudding clan, dinner turns into an uproar. I’m launching this blog site to coincide with the launch of my new picture book, TOO MANY PIES. The story is all about the quirky Goodpudding family and their love of Great-Aunt Gladdie’s pies. The problem is they demand more and more until Gladdie reaches her limit. Feet stomp! The chandelier shakes! Pies fly and the pie police arrive! Leave it to Gladdie to find a way to keep the Goodpudding peace.

I love writing fun and funny stories for kids. This one was inspired by my own family experience (exaggerated, of course) and I’ve waited a long time to share it. I hope reading about the Goodpuddings provides you with laughter and even a little inspiration in teamwork.

Also, I hope you’ll stay tuned for more adventures in pie. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

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