Pie Scraps

An excellent pie-baking friend recently reminded me about pie scraps, the bits of leftover dough cut away from the round crust before it gets fitted into the pan. No matter how elevated your rolling skills might be, a perfectly-shaped, perfectly-sized pie round is rarely achieved. This is a good thing, because those odd pieces of dough can easily be turned into tasty bonus treats to enjoy while the rest of the pie is baking and cooling.

If you grew up with a pie-baking mother or grandmother or uncle or elder of whatever connection, you probably remember those pie dough scraps never went to waste. No need to cut them into pretty shapes, simply place them on a baking sheet, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and pop them in the oven. Do keep a close eye on the little sweethearts, because they brown up quickly. Add a dollop of jam or whipped cream or whatever excites your sweet tooth. They disappear quickly among little helpers, but if you’re alone in the kitchen, no one has to see them. They’re all yours, a baker’s reward!

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